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Intercultural experiences in Sri Lanka and Laos – a comparison

Since our time in Laos is coming to an end, we contemplated the best way to wrap up the last three months in Laos and at the Lao-German Technical College in writing, as a summary for our readers. In March 2018, we – Svea and Tara, graduates from Mainz University (Germany) – were accepted as […]

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Workshops on 8 May and 21 May 2018 at the LGTC – “Lesson Planning”

Our predecessors, Anna and Tasja from Team VI, started with introducing the concept of a lesson plan to the English teachers at LGTC after Nina from Team V had started with this topic. We decided to continue with their work. Once again, we invited the English teachers and those who were interested to take part. […]

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Bolaven Plateau Loop

Hiring a motorbike and exploring the Asian countryside – that was a dream both of us always had. We had read about and talked to many people about exploring parts of South East Asia by bike. Therefore, both of us were intrigued to go on such an adventure ourselves. Fortunately, Laos offers two very frequented […]

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Lao New Year 2018 in pictures

Lao New Year – Pii Mai (ປີໃໝ່, [piː´māi]) – is the biggest festival in Laos and is celebrated extensively all over the country. This is the one time in the year that truly everybody in the country is looking forward to because it is the most important Lao holiday. Officially the festivities take place from […]

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“Foodie’s paradise” – Lao food in pictures

Although we are huge “foodies”1 ourselves, we did not know what to expect of Lao food. We wanted to surprise ourselves and are happy to say we were positively astonished.2 In general Lao food is comparable to Thai food. Both are cheap (by Western standards), tasty, and bountiful. The dishes in both countries usually consist […]

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First Impressions – by Tara and Svea

When we arrived at the airport in Vientiane and walked out of the door, the LGTC volunteers of Team VI, i.e. Tasja and Anna, were already waiting for us. First of all, we got settled in our new home, a bungalow which is located next to the campus. For dinner we instantly experienced our first […]

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