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“Global English: Teaching English in Asia” – Approaches to a complex enterprise

Winter term 2016/17
In the winter semester 2016/17, it was Team IV‘s turn to be prepared for “Teaching English in Laos” by a varied teaching and workshop programme with Prof. Martin, like the other three teams before. Like them, … Read more

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Our personal highlight: A hiking trip with the Lao teachers – by Laura Jakob, Rebecca Dengler & Veronika Golla

It was one of the hottest days we experienced in Laos shortly before we had to fly back to Germany. During mid-day the temperatures reached up to 40°C! It was even too hot for the mosquitos to come out. However, … Read more

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Our first impressions – by Amelie Reiling, Christiane Morlock and Stephanie Schulz

We have enjoyed living here in Vientiane very much right from the beginning. Our Lao adventure started on 13th February in Frankfurt and around 17 hours later we moved into our new home for the next two months: Our … Read more

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Two Lao weddings

Is there a better way to get to know the Lao spirit of trust, love, and intimate togetherness than being part of a traditional Lao wedding ceremony? We were the lucky ones who got that chance. There was a lot … Read more

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The Baci

During our time in Laos, we had the opportunity not only to witness but to be the guests of honour at one of the most important ceremonies for Laotian people – the Baci.

Besides Buddhism, Animism and ancestor … Read more

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Monk ceremony and other Lao celebrations

During one of our English lessons Mit told me that there would be no school the next day. When I asked for the reason, she told me about a big monk ceremony in a big temple near our village. She … Read more

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