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Things to do in Laos

This report is to sum up some of the amazing things we have done in our free time. This is not to be mistaken for a list of Dos and Don’ts. Consequently, this list is not intended to be exhaustive.… Read more

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A Lao love story

It is always the same with that thing called love. Cupid´s arrow hits you when you least expect it. In Laos, there is surely no difference to this. And so the story goes as follows:

I cannot even recall for … Read more

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Lot ják diaries – Lao street wise

Every visitor of Laos should undertake at least one trip on a Lot ják! Lot ják, Lao for motorbike, is the most common way of transport for the locals. You see up to five persons (a whole family) riding on … Read more

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