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First impressions – by Lea Herrmann

…after my parents dropped me off at the airport in Frankfurt and we said goodbye for a really long time, the journey to Laos could start!


We had been on the road for over 30 hours when we finally … Read more

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Reunion in Karlsruhe 23-25 June 2017 – My first trip to Germany by Phovang Inthavong

One time in my life we are lelf at 9:30 pm Laos to Bangkok and then we came to Germamy . We airrved about at 6:00am. I evry tried beause long flew and I very excited about airport beause airport … Read more

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Our first impressions – by Amelie Reiling, Christiane Morlock and Stephanie Schulz

We have enjoyed living here in Vientiane very much right from the beginning. Our Lao adventure started on 13th February in Frankfurt and around 17 hours later we moved into our new home for the next two months: Our … Read more

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First impressions – by Laura Jakob & Tanja Wintrich (Team IV)

Sabaidee Laos!

In the first days after our arrival in Laos, we were flooded by many new impressions. It started with the bright mud-red ground and square rice fields shining in the sun from our plane window. Once we touched … Read more

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Pageflow – a new way to share our experiences

Visit our Pageflow – a tool for multimedia storytelling which allows us to share our experiences in Laos with you “live”. Feel welcome to dip into our interactive reports and let us take you on this digital journey. When you … Read more

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Our first impressions of a whole new world – by Silja Schäfer and Thorsten Feldmann

It had been several months since our graduation from the University of Education Karlsruhe and we were very excited to start our journey halfway around the globe to Laos. In several meetings we prepared ourselves with the help of Prof. … Read more

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