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Between Laos, Australia, and a lonely island – Lao teachers enter the worlds of “Walkabout” and “Robinson Crusoe”

As already mentioned in our first post, we – Tasja Reule und Anna Hajek – started reading “Simplified Readers”1 with our teacher-students in the Beginner and Elementary classes at the Lao-German Technical College (LGTC). It was a … Read more

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Guest author Richard Martin & Fabian Stober write: Stories are something to remember…

…so why not use them as a teaching device?

In the summer semester of 2017, Prof. Isabel Martin offered a seminar called “Children’s Literature: Reading and Telling stories”. When I signed up for this course, I did not really know … Read more

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A memorable outing to Canterbury – Letters from England by Mittaphone Sichampa with photos by Isabel Martin

On Friday, 4th August I went on a college trip to Canterbury. I walked with my professor Isabel Martin through the streets and we met two Turkish guys from the college who we didn’t know but they were very … Read more

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Workshop on 31 March 2017 – “Storytelling: Pre-, while- and post-activities”

“Robin Hood anyone?” “Yes, me please!”

As our primary school tandem-teachers already participated in a workshop by Team III on the general use of picture books in the English classroom, we wanted to show them exemplary ways to use … Read more

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My personal highlight – by Pauline Kern (& blog article no. 100!)

During my 3-month stay here in Laos I’ve had so many personal highlights that it is rather difficult for me to pick out a special and only one. My daily work with the pre-schoolers and the teachers who do not … Read more

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Team II: Jana expands the Lending Library

My special task during our stay in Laos was to spruce up the English Lending Library. Establishing the Lending Library is a sustainable way to support the Lao English teachers in improving their proficiency in teaching English as a foreign … Read more

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