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Interview with a Chilean expat in Vientiane – the Bacan Café

It was on the 18th of September, the day Team VII arrived in Laos, that we ate our first pastries from our (soon-to-be) favorite coffee shop in Laos. After 16 hours of travelling and some hours of making ourselves at … Read more

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Our personal highlight: Two Lao weddings – by Amelie Reiling and Stephanie Schulz

Two of our most defining experiences in Laos were the two traditional weddings we got to attend. Never before had we had the chance to get to know a foreign culture and their customs in such a closely immediate and … Read more

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The Lao German Technical College – a new partner school for “Teaching English in Laos”

When coming to landlocked Laos, you probably would not expect to meet Laotians who speak German – but quite a few do! You may not know that Germany and Laos have had a long-lasting relationship: in 2016 the Lao-German Friendship … Read more

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Weekend trips and holidays

Besides our work in the schools, we also had some time to explore some tourist attractions of Laos.


We spent most of our weekends in Vientiane exploring the city, since the capital of Laos is only a 40-minute car … Read more

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