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Two Lao weddings

Is there a better way to get to know the Lao spirit of trust, love, and intimate togetherness than being part of a traditional Lao wedding ceremony? We were the lucky ones who got that chance. There was a lot … Read more

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Teachers’ Day – A day to celebrate?!?

Interestingly Lao people have a bank holiday for teachers – “Teachers’ Day”. The Teachers’ Day, celebrated each year in October, is to honour the work that has been done by the teachers in education and in the community during the … Read more

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Modern Western Square Dance Workshop 13/12/2015

After our own introduction to the world of Modern Western Square Dance in a workshop at the PH (read report here) we were very keen to see the Lao reaction to it. Dancing Modern Western Square Dance is a … Read more

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Some early impressions

Throughout the next days after our arrival, our schedule was packed. First, we visited all three schools supported by the Angel for Children foundation, namely Ban Sikeud primary, Ban Phang Heng primary, and Ban Phang Heng secondary school, where we … Read more

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