Team II (15 February – 31 March 2016)

The German volunteers 2016: Isabella Stryi, Jule Reissig and Jana Brecht take over from Team I from 15 February – 31 March

We will continue the work of the previous team and build on it by introducing new teaching techniques. The decision to carry out a new application procedure straight after Team I’s return on 7 January was made because the schools and project leaders agreed to keep up the strong momentum until the next team arrives in September/October.
As with the first application round, the procedure had to move fast:
advertisement on 10 January, deadline for applications on 24 January, info session on the project “Teaching English in Laos” on 27 January, interviews on 28 and 29 January. The following week was packed with workshops and off we went one week after that!
Team II supports our Lao teachers and students for 7 weeks before the final exams of the academic year. We will also develop the work done with the Lending Library in Sikeud, teach new workshops and of course write new articles for our blog. So stay tuned, as we are not only the new teachers but also the new authors!



As of May 2016

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