Team III (15 September 2016 – 15 February 2017)

We have 11 volunteers for the period of September 2016 to February 2017, which is more than double the number of volunteers we had when we started last year! 🙂

They are all highly motivated and excited about the project and will introduce themselves here now:


Denise Burkhardt (LGTC)

Sabai dii and hello, I‘m Denise and I work together with Lena Wink at the Lao-German Technical College in Vientiane. There I teach one of two “Beginner” classes and the “Elementary” class which always gives me great pleasure as my students are passionate about learning English and soak up everything new. I am very happy and thankful that I got the opportunity to spend four months teaching in Laos.

Lena Wink (LGTC)

Hey, I’m Lena Wink, 27 years old. I teach at the Lao-German Technical College together with Denise Burkhardt. At the college I have several duties to fulfill. One of them, which takes place every day, is to teach English in the afternoon to “Beginner” class I and the “Technical English” class. Every class has one hour of English every day. The focus of the Beginners class I is teaching basic English. The difficulty here is to serve the different levels as they are not all “true” beginners, but differentiation is a challenge every teacher has to face. The Technical English class is at an advanced level and focuses especially on the technical fields which are taught at the college.
Apart from the everyday classes, I’m also responsible for two English teachers (Mr Saythong Insarn and Ms Akina Yatsadahak). I join their classes and give them feedback later on. From time to time, I also teach their classes or do quick teaching sequences in order to show them different teaching methods and techniques. Moreover, I have three different “Activity” times per week, which are about activating speaking.
I am very happy that I was chosen to take part in this project as I’m very much enjoying my work here. Everyone is very friendly and open. I’m also very glad to have Denise by my side as she has an inspiring mind and we work hand in hand.

Thorsten Feldmann (Ban Phang Heng Secondary School)

Hi, my name is Thorsten and I teach the natural sciences teachers of Ban Phang Heng Secondary School. My main task is to introduce them to the practical work with students in a laboratory. Also, these five teachers get basic lessons in the English language. The special task during my stay in Laos is the maintenance of the blog.

Kerstin Petter (Ban Sikeud Primary School)

Hello, I’m Kerstin. I teach in Ban Sikeud Primary School and work with two different groups: The two English teachers Mittaphone (Mit) and Phovang (Noy), and Madame Engel’s assistant Bouangeun (Linda) and the school’s head teacher Souphaphone. In the afternoon, I offer English “Activities” during “Activity time” for the pupils. My special task is to continue establishing Ban Sikeud’s English Lending Library.

Anika Broghammer (Ban Phang Heng Secondary School)

Hello I’m Anika. I am the English teacher of Donekeo Keositthivong and Soukahone Sindavan at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School. My special task during my time in Laos is to set up a material room in the secondary school. This task links up with David’s and our “Teaching material assessment” workshops in which we prepare extra material. This will also be made available in the “didactics room”.

David Schrep (Ban Phang Heng Secondary School)

Hi, I’m David. I’m 25 years old. I’m working together with Bounleud Sengsavangvong and Souvanh Navong. To foster the teachers’ didactic and methodological skills, Anika and I are setting up a “didactics room” (Didaktische Werkstatt) at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School.

Silja Schäfer (Ban Phang Heng Primary School)

My name is Silja Schäfer. I work together with Bounpheng Singhalath in the primary school Phang Heng. In the mornings I teach her English and I sit in on some of her lessons to support her. My special task during my time here in Laos is to set up an “English Corner” for our school. So far I organised a bookshelf, ordered some primary didactics books via the foundation and created picture cards and other material which is useful for teaching English. In the afternoon I have two different tasks. First I teach the pre-schoolers. Through songs, rhymes, games, and dialogues with Mopsy, the handpuppet, they can learn their first English words and expressions. Moreover, they get used to the sound of a really different language.  After that I do “Activity time” together with Sara. There, we sing action songs and play games with all children in the schoolyard who are up for it.

Pauline Kern

Hello, I’m Pauline Kern and I’m 26 years old. My role in Laos is to be the “stand-in” teacher. This means that I do the Mopsy classes with the preschoolers and that I teach English to the “Non-English” teachers – the total beginners. I enjoy every single day in Laos and I am very happy to have the chance to be here. The special task which was chosen for me is housekeeping. I organise the cleaning plan and the shopping list in the villa and I am the contact person for all problems that can occur here in the house.

Sara Stöhrer (Ban Phang Heng Primary School)

Sabaidee, I’m Sara and I work with Latsamy Vonvila, who is an English teacher at Ban Phang Heng Primary School. Moreover, I teach two “non-English” teachers, Thong and Mr. Xay, the karate teacher of all three schools. Since Pauline left, I took over teaching the preschoolers on Tuesdays. My special tasks are documentation and (since Thorsten left) taking care of this blog.

Juliana Kase (Sunshine School)

Hey, I am Juliana, 24 years old, and I am volunteering at Sunshine School in Vientiane. My task there is teaching English in both primary school and lower secondary school. Additionally, my team member Julia and I did a workshop for the English teachers on teaching techniques for primary school.

Julia Keßner (Sunshine School)

Hello, my name is Julia and I am working at the Sunshine School in Vientiane, which is a private school. My main task there is to support the four English teachers in various aspects, e.g. taking over their classes, preparing exams or checking homework. Juliana and I also did a workshop “Teaching Methods for the English Classroom” and the teachers are always free to ask us about how to design their teaching.


As of January 2017

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