Learners of English

Learners of English are all Lao teachers, who are interested to learn the language:

Individual English lessons for Ms. Saysamone Singhalath (history) &  Ms. Nalee Vonkhamsa (computer): Isabell Kämmer (Team VI), Malin Frahm (Team VII)


Due to changing resources, the English learner groups at the lower secondary school in Ban Phang Hang were suspended in late 2016. Some of the teachers still continue their studies in the newly formed groups for natural science teachers and for mathematics teachers.

Non-English teachers class: Franziska Frister (Team I), Jule Brecht (Team II), Pauline Kern (Team III), Venetia Dariou (Team IV)


Text & photos by P. Kern & S. Stöhrer

As of January 2017

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