Ban Phang Heng primary school

Following the example of the primary school in Ban Sikeud and the lower secondary school in Ban Phan Heng, the primary school in Ban Phang Heng, located directly next to the lower secondary school, has also been supported since 2013.

After the completion of the construction work in 2015, an extensive and needs-based infrastructure is also available here. An office with workspace for the director, a teachers’ room, a kitchen, modern sanitary facilities, a library and enough classrooms for about 600 pupils were built. In addition, the schoolyard was concreted over to contain flooding during the rainy season.

In 2015, the canteen between Ban Phang Heng primary and secondary school was also completed, which now provides about 400 meals a day for the students. In 2017, a gymnasium was built like the one at the neighboring lower secondary school. In 2018, the “Ingrid Engel Library” was opened in honor of the founder. As a multi-purpose room, the library serves as a classroom until 3 p.m.; in the afternoon, it is open to all pupils for reading and learning.


Text & Photos by J. Zeck

As of December 2021


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