The Angel for Children foundation and the PH Karlsruhe (Prof. Dr. Isabel Martin) would like to express their gratitude to our partners and contacts who generously donated material and/or time, expertise and work for this project. They are listed here in order of appearance (from the German perspective):

  • Graduate volunteers (Team I): Julia Bauer, Franziska Frister, Laura Kringe, Tobias Mayer, Alessandro Pola
  • Expert colleagues and expert students: Andreas Hennecke (Square Dance Calling), Leonora Fröhlich-Ward (“Mopsy and me”), Heike Müller (“Singlish”), Marlene Findeisen (Lending Library English Department)
  • German and British Publishers: Cornelsen/Oldenbourg (Dr. Susanne Kern), Finken (Simone Horn), Helbling (Dr. Verena-Susanne Nungesser), Hueber (Brigitte Truppat), Macmillan (Iain Collins), Oxford University Press (Markus Dauber), Pearson (Angela Bauer-Seekings)
  • English students of the PH Karlsruhe: for their donations (dictionaries and novels)
  • My former students (Montessori school internship groups): for their permission to show videos of their lessons to our Lao teachers
  • Thai Airways: for 30 kg extra luggage allowance (which normally costs 1,500 €)
  • General Manager of Ban Sikeud and Phang Heng schools Mr Khamsing Nanthavongdouangsy: for organising the official and administrative side of our work, i.e. liaising with the School Board and Ministry of Education and making sure we do not unwittingly overstep any marks
  • Interns of the Angel for Children Foundation supporting the PH Karlsruhe team in 2015: Stefanie Schädlich, Ann-Kathrin Sommer
  • Former students of the PH Karlsruhe: Elke Matthes and her adult education group VHS Odenwaldkreis (for their visit and the material they brought as a gift for the children), Ulla Simone Birk (for joining up to help Team I in her winter break)

We also thank our own management, first and foremost the co-founder of the foundation, Gerlinde Engel – without whom none of the schools would exist in their present format – for preparing everything in Sikeud to make our five interns feel at home and Johannes Zeck, for helping to establish the project in Laos by liaising with our new acquaintances from the field of education and politics.
Also, our thanks goes to the PH Karlsruhe management and administration for their support and our International Office for helping with the application procedure and interviews of candidates, namely Simone Brandt, Marie Rüppell-Wee, and as from 2017, Julia Friedl and Franziska Teckentrup.

In order of appearance, we thank the following expert partners, colleagues, and (former) students for their contributions:

  • Graduate volunteers (Team II): Isabella Stryi, Jana Brecht, Jule Reissig
  • Leonora Fröhlich-Ward: for a workshop for Team II on teaching English at pre-school level (“Mopsy and Me”)
  • My “Singlish” band members Heike Müller, Alessandro Pola, Julia Bauer: for another co-led workshop for Team II (and possible future applicants) on Action Songs, Rhymes and Singing Games
  • Richard Martin (Storyteller): for two Storytelling workshops at our Laos schools and two workshops for our new contacts (American Center, Sunshine School)
  • PH students and former students: D. Gray, Jeanette Friedmann, Pauline Kern, David Schrep: for book donations and warm clothing for the prospective Lao travellers
  • PH staff: Prof. Dr. Liesel Hermes, Dr. E. Shipley, B. Turner-Hill & F. Poorman: for book donations
  • Susan Werner (Karlsruhe): for voluntary and free-of-charge support in proof-reading articles written for this blog
  • Dr. Michiko Weinmann (Deakin University, Melbourne): for cooperating with us on our research questions about teaching English in Asia
  • Laura Kringe: for her contribution to Dr. Weinmann and Prof. Martin’s joint research grant application
  • PH student helpers Heike Müller and Marlene Findeisen: for donating time and work to the project (work on Blog, guided tour of Lending Library for Laos volunteers and our guests from Laos and Weiherhammer)
  • PH staff Marie Kiefer: for the demonstration of the “i-theatre” to our guests
  • Christian Lutsch: for professional advice on Blog design questions
  • Pearson PLC (Angela Bauer-Seekings, Stuttgart): for donating 4 sets of the series Technical English vols. 1-4 and granting a discount of 25% on 82 sets of Level 1 and 10 sets of Level 2
  • Graduate volunteers (Team III): Anika Broghammer, Denise Burkhardt, Thorsten Feldmann, Juliana Kase, Pauline Kern, Julia Keßner, Kerstin Petter, David Schrep, Silja Aleke Schäfer, Sara Stöhrer, Lena Wink
  • Leonora Fröhlich-Ward for new Mopsy book+CD donation of 150€
  • Margit Heindl-Kringe und Dr. Wolfgang Kringe (Laura Kringe’s parents) for a generous donation for teaching equipment at Phang Heng primary school
  • Johanna Landvogt for developing a tailor-made placement test for the project (listening, speaking, reading, writing, levels A1 to C2)
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for organising 150 free online Pearson Placements Test licences


  • Under-Graduate volunteers (Team IV): Rebecca Dengler, Veronika Golla, Venetia Dariou, Alyssa Weber, Jessica Deißler, Tanja Wintrich, Laura Jakob, Amelie Reiling, Christiane Morlock, Stephanie Schulz
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Julia Arnold): large donation of picture books
  • PH staff: Dr. E. Shipley, for more book donations
  • Hilderstone College in Broadstairs (England): for a considerable reduction of their prices for an 8-week English course for four of our Lao cooperation teachers in England (June-August), and for the generous offer of inviting the project organisers to stay with them for a week in their homestay families, free of charge
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for donating a large number of English course books to our primary and secondary Lending Library and to our (prospective new) Lao partners in Vientiane, Savannakhet, Champasak, and Pakse
  • Jörg Schmalenberger: for professional advice on blog theme/graphic/design/photos
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Jutta Kleiber): large donation of science picture books and science books for young learners
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for donating 60 kg of Pearson Readers and copies of MyGrammarLab Elementary (with Key) to the Angels for Children Foundation, to be made available to the Lao teachers, pupils and students via the Lending Libraries of Ban Sikeud Primary School, Ban Phang Heng Primary and Secondary School, and the Lao-German Technical College in Vientiane
  • Graduate and under-graduate volunteers (Team V): Rebecca Dengler, Veronika Golla, Hanna Glass, Lea Herrmann, Jessica Porscha, Lara Malchow, Marie-Therese Kirsten, Janina Adelberg, Ariane Kummetz, Sandra Uhlig


  • Under-graduate volunteers (Team VI): Fabian Stober, Svenja Walschburger, Julia Grüttner, Isabell Kämmer, Shirin Ud-Din, Tasja Reule, Anna-Lena Hajek
  • Guest graduate volunteers from Mainz University (Team VI.5): Svea Röhm, Tara Wedemeyer
  • Under-graduate and graduate volunteers (Team VII): Anja Schuler, Dilara Erdogan, Nicole Wiesa, Patricia Hopp, Malin Frahm, Meike Weis, Marleen Linder, Natalie Wickmann, Jasmin Unterweger, Pauline Faix
  • Graduate volunteer for university cooperation with Savannakhet University: David Schrep
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for free copies of the course book Speak Out! and Top Notch
  • Prof. em. Dr. Liesel Hermes: Course books for teaching English to young learners
  • Thomas & Susanne Schuler, Almuth & Hans-Martin Schuler, Paul Schuler, Jakob Schuler, Christoph Herrmann, Angelika Weinmann, Sabine & Klaus Weis, Werner Herrmann, Alina Truöl and Simon Lang for financial donations towards a large amount of new maths material
  • Wissner GmbH Germany: 20 student’s abaci (counting frames) and 6 sets of Dienes-material for decimal calculations
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Julia Arnold): large donation of English science picture books, science books, and maths books for young learners


  • Under-graduate volunteers (Team VIII): Mariana Dimtsiou, Siegfried Hadatsch, Elisabeth Heinz, Thomas Pelka, Cornelia Pröls, Anna-Sophia ten Brink, Rebekka Vogt, Vanessa Wecker
  • TimeTEX HERMEDIA Verlag GmbH: large donation of teaching and office materials (board games & puzzles, rulers, triangles, pins, glue sticks, liquid chalk)
  • Lydia Vogt: donation of 35 pairs of glasses for the teachers at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Julia Arnold): large donation of English science picture books, science books, and maths books for young learners
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for more free copies of the Teacher’s Edition, course book, and workbook of the Top Notch series (1-4)
  • The International Office of the University of Education (Simone Brandt, Julia Friedl, Sylvia Karnutsch) for their organisational support in the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme with Savannakhet University (2018-2020)
  • Graduate volunteers (Team IX): Yvonne-Jaqueline Muss, David Trendl, Phi Ha Nguyen, Laura Jakob
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Julia Arnold & Ruth Schneider): Large donation of English science picture books and science books for yound adult learners
  • Ms Thi Thu Thuy & Mr Van Doan Nguyen: Donation of tooth-brushes and toothpaste for “Toothbrushing project” at Ban Sikeud Primary School



  • Graduate volunteers (Team X): Morten Bilger, Christine Blersch, Chelsea Hog, Lena Koch, Celine Victoria Seeger
  • American Library, Karlsruhe (Julia Arnold): new donation of English science picture books and science books
  • Angela Bauer-Seekings (Sales Manager Germany, Pearson Education) for 25% off copies of the Teacher’s Edition, course book, and workbook of the Top Notch series (1-4)



  • Graduate volunteer (Team XI.5): Leya Hoenicke



  • Donation of picture books by American Library Karlsruhe



  • Graduate & under-graduate volunteers (Team XII): Christian Tabler (B.A.), Marie Pogerth (M.A.), Patricia Fromkorth, Antonia Eiser, Alexa Ünal



Text by I. Martin

February 2023

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