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Workshop on 18 December 2017 – “Practising Pronunciation” and Lao-English interference

I invited all English teachers from Ban Pang Heng Secondary and Primary school as well as the science teachers Mr Sackbong and Mr Phit to join my workshop “Practicing Pronunciation” on the 18th of December 2017. I put the focus … Read more

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Working on pronunciation at the Lao-German Technical College – two workshops in March 2017

“I’m going to sleep” or “I’m going to slip”?
“Would you like a beer?” or “would you like a bear”?
“We eat rice” or “we eat lice”?

We used the first weeks in our four classes and during our everyday … Read more

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“The cæt in the hæt” – a workshop about English pronunciation

We decided to do our workshop on the topic of pronunciation as some of our Lao teachers still struggle with certain sounds of the English language. Many of them had shown interest in learning more about pronunciation, so that was … Read more

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