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Morning sport in Sikeud Primary School – combatting the “cold”

The onset of the “cold season” in winter brings a mean temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, and Laotians start wearing jackets, woolly hats, leggings, and gloves. To combat the cold, a new routine begins at Ban Sikeud Primary School: … Read more

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Karate Kid(s) – how Mr Sai ignites a spark for karate in his pupils

Coming to Laos, I was overcome with several impressions during the first weeks. There were a lot of new scents while riding down the street to the schools where I would be teaching for the next seven weeks. There were … Read more

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Teachers’ Sports Competition Day at Naxaythong High School

Wednesday, the 5th of October, was a very sunny morning. Instead of going to school as usual, the teachers of Ban Sikeud Secondary School picked us up at our home, to take us along to Naxaythong Upper Secondary School. … Read more

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