Affiliated people

Photo by T. Mayer

Say hello to our lovely, charming, caring and hard working team in Ban Sikeud (from left to right): housekeepers Teo and Memon, Linda´s niece Kanthong, Bouangeun aka Linda and co-founder of Angels for Children, Gerlinde Engel.

The Lao General Manager of Angels for Children is Mr Khamsing Nanthavongdouangsy:

Photo by T. Mayer

The two Angels for Children volunteers Stefanie Schädlich (front left) and Ann-Kathrin Sommer (front right) together with us:

Photo by D. Hartmann

Last but not least, there is the best driver in whole Laos, Viengkham:

Photo by T. Mayer

As of March 2016

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