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Letters from Laos – Hello, I’m Moukdala


Well, Hello everyone who is reading now. My name is Moukdala. I’m 26. I live with parents. My place is at a countryside. But i love it becuase it’s a quiet place. I graduated … Read more

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My personal highlight: “And the true beauties are… Lao fabrics!” – by Lena Wink

Laos is often said to be a country where time seems to have stopped. I am really sorry to inform you that time also passes by quickly here, especially when you are surrounded by so many lovely people and such … Read more

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My personal highlight – by Isabella Stryj

My time in Laos was relatively short (six-and-a-half weeks), but still I experienced many great and adventurous moments! Nevertheless, there is one memory that makes me smile whenever I think of it:

Jule and I took Chanhpasong, Noy and Sackbong, … Read more

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Southern Laos

International Women’s Day sometimes goes almost unnoticed in Germany or Western Europe. Here in Laos it marks a public holiday, which gave us the opportunity to plan a trip to the south of Laos, since we had Monday and Tuesday … Read more

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Riding an elephant

At about 20 minutes’ driving distance from Sikeud a quiet and not very touristic elephant farm is located. Johannes kindly took us there, that is Isabella, Jana, and me, Jule, to this extraordinary place. Retired working elephants are used to Read more

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Weekend trips and holidays

Besides our work in the schools, we also had some time to explore some tourist attractions of Laos.


We spent most of our weekends in Vientiane exploring the city, since the capital of Laos is only a 40-minute car … Read more

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