Letters from Laos – Hello, I’m Moukdala

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Well, Hello everyone who is reading now. My name is Moukdala. I’m 26. I live with parents. My place is at a countryside. But i love it becuase it’s a quiet place. I graduated from the University of Laos to be a English teacher in 2012. In the first year at university i learned in general subject like Mathematics, physics… I studied how to teach how to be a good teacher in the second year. And i was lucky in that i got a job in 2013. I work at LGTC. I work at secretary office and i also be a teacher. I teach English. I know my English is not very good but i still want to be a teacher. I study and teach at the same time. I also teach BHS students. I want to teach my students to know as much as i know. And lucky me again i moved from secretary office to Cooperation Development and IT office this year(2017). We cooperate with many companies sometime we send a document and we received documents in English that why I have to study English as much as I can and I can’t stop to study English becuase I like English.

It’s not only at a school that you can study English, right? I like to watch English movies and Thai subtitle. I try to find free English movie with English subtitles but i can’t find it.

I like to listen English song. It also can help me to improve English especially is Listening. I like to chat and talk with my German teachers.

From my german teachers (team III, team IV and team V) I learned how to prepare a lesson plan before I teach. And how to teach vocabulary: first time I say the words normal, second time louder, third time quiet. I use real object and hold up and tell them what the name of the object is. I think the students can remember easier if they see the real object. It is not bored for them if I use the real object ( for identifying things). Sometimes I also use Flashcards like for animals or fruit. My dream is to be a good teacher like them. I’m very lucky that i’m the one of the students in the Technical English class.

And now my writing is nearly finish. Hopefully my short story is of interest for you and in the future i will get a new experience at somewhere in abroad and i will let you know again. πŸ™‚

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Good bye ??

Text by M. Keomixai

Photos by S. Uhlig & I. Martin

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