Recruitment and Training Programme

The Recruitment and Training Program (short RTP) is a joint project of BHS Corrugated and the Lao-German Technical College to improve Dual-Cooperative Training in Lao PDR and train skilled workers for BHS Corrugated in the Asia-Pacific region.

At the Lao-German Technical College, future service technicians of BHS Corrugated are trained by an intercompany training model with local companies based on the model of the UeBZO (Intercompany training center in Eastern Bavaria), BHS Corrugated’s training partner in Germany.

Within the project “Teaching English in Laos” the Lao-German Technical College is the first partner college. Students and graduates from the University stay as volunteers for several months (September – January and February – April) at the Lao-German Technical College. They teach both apprentices of BHS in the English language as well as vocational trainers of the school, separated in four groups (2x beginner, 1x elementary, 1x Technical English). Another focus is the support of English didactics and methodology.


Vocational training at the Lao-German Technical College


Dual-Cooperative Training with local in Laos and international companies in the Asia-Pacific region


As of November 2019

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