Angels for Children and the University of Education Karlsruhe



Working with governmental institutions, schools, colleges, and international organizations involved in education

Teacher training

In-service training in language proficiency, didactics and methodology for Lao English teachers

Teaching material

Assessing and adapting international teaching material for English education in Lao PDR

"English activities"

“English Activities” for teaching Lao pupils in a playful and communicative way


Reports since project start in October 2015

New places available for internships starting in autumn 2017 (Team V) and spring 2018 (Team VI)!

English students from the PH Karlsruhe can now apply for an internship in two different periods of time:

– Team V September 2017 – January/February/March/April 2018 (at least 3 month[...]

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“The cæt in the hæt” – a workshop about English pronunciation

We decided to do our workshop on the topic of pronunciation as some of our Lao teachers still struggle with certain sounds of the English language. Many of them had shown interest in learning more [...]

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A workshop for the science teachers at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School

To begin our joint work in the science laboratory, we offered the workshop “How to produce material for science classes”.

A chapter on colour blindness, with pictures to diagnose[...]

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Our first impressions – by Amelie Reiling, Christiane Morlock and Stephanie Schulz

We have enjoyed living here in Vientiane very much right from the beginning. Our Lao adventure started on 13th February in Frankfurt and around 17 hours later we moved into our new home [...]

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One moment in time: The March “Oktoberfest” (October festival) in Vientiane

We had some special guests from Germany only two weeks after our own arrival: The trombone choir “Floss”, named after their hometown. Fifteen brass [...]

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Science lab activity time at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School

“WOW…!” This is an exclamation we often get to hear during our science lab activity time. The pupils who come and participate are amazed to see the wonders of natural science. Every W[...]

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Pageflow site
Pageflow - a multimedia journey with Team IV to Laos

Project Videos


The primary school in Ban Sikeud, Naxaythong district, supported by Angels for Children
The lower secondary school in Ban Phang Heng, Naxaythong district, supported by Angels for Children
The primary school in Ban Phang Heng, Naxaythong district, supported by Angels for Children


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