Information Session (22 November 2022, 6 p.m.): Are you interested in bi-directional teaching & learning with a tandem-partner in Laos in 2023?

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Tandem-teaching starts again in spring 2023

After a pandemic-related 2-year break from tandem-teaching work with our Lao partners in Vientiane, we can now plan internship places for Team XII in the spring of 2023 (February to April or May or June). The Call for Applications will be published here shortly; our internal application deadline is 11 December 2022.

To inform yourself, you are invited to visit our Information Session on Tuesday, 22 November 2022, at 6 p.m. at the University of Education Karlsruhe (in 3.311). There you will hear more about the special nature, goals, challenges and outcomes of our decolonial Global North/ Global South cooperation project in teaching and learning, which has grown and developed a lot since we started in 2015.

Information on the current and new Lao partners, the application process and the financing will be given by our International Officer Ms Julia Friedl; returnee volunteers Mr Siegfried Hadatsch (Team VIII) and Ms Leya Hönicke (Team XI.5) will share their experiences of living and working in Vientiane, and Prof. Martin will explain the opportunities for personal, professional, and academic development within “TheLaosExperience”. (Should any other former volunteers read this and like to come along – you are more than welcome!)

As the project is based at the University of Education Karlsruhe, our students are given priority when it comes to internship places, but it sometimes happens that we cannot fill all places, and then we are glad to also process applications from students elsewhere.

We thank our partners in Vientiane for their continued interest and loyalty and look forward very much to rebooting our active team-work! And we are very excited to learn more about our prospective new partners in Champasak and Luang Prabang!

Best regards,
Prof Dr Isabel Martin (Head of English Department, University of Education Karlsruhe) &
Julia Friedl, M.A. (International Office, University of Education Karlsruhe) &
Siegfried Hadatsch, B.A. & Leya Hönicke (Laos-Team)

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