Interactive map of the Lao-German Technical College in Vientiane

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This is an interactive (able to be clicked) map of the campus. By clicking on the map you can get an overview of the sections and buildings at the Lao-German Technical College in Vientiane before seeing it for yourself. Our volunteers from the “Bi-directional tandem-teaching and learning in Laos” project have been working here since the start of this partnership in 2016, giving lessons, creating a short film with their tandem-partners and students,Β  installing a Lending Library, a Didactics Room, and also offering special workshops.

Interactive Map of LGTC

This map is interactive. Use your finger or cursor to click on the buildings in the photo. Find out more about them and get to know the college!

Interactive Map of LGTC
Office Building Automotive Section Welding and Plumbing Section General Metal Machining Section Heavy Machinery & Agro Machinery Section Electrical & Electronic Section Theory Buildings Canteen, Shop & Scooter Parking

Office Building

This building houses the Administration of the college as well as the Staff Offices.

Automotive Section

This is the Automotive Section of the college. There are classrooms on the left side of the building.

Welding and Plumbing Section

The Welding and Plumbing Section is located in the south of the campus.

General Metal Machining Section

This is the General Metal Machining Section. It can be found on the left side when entering the campus from Lao-Thai road.

Heavy Machinery & Agro Machinery Section

This is the Heavy Machinery & Agro Machinery Section which is located right next to the General Metal Machining Section. It also has a classroom in it.

Electrical & Electronic Section

The newly built Electrical and Electronic Section of the Lao-German Technical College.

Theory Buildings

Lessons for various subjects taught at the college are being held in the two Theory Buildings.

Canteen, Shop & Scooter Parking

There is a Canteen with a little shop for snacks and drinks, restrooms and the scooter parking area in this part of the campus.

The campus is located close to the Mekong river on the west, right next to the crossing between Thadeua Road and Lao-Thai Road.

Hopefully this map can be helpful for our future teams of teachers and students at the LGTC to get a first impression of what the Lao-German Technical College looks like. This page is being kept up to date, so if you find new items on-site just let us know using the contact page of this website. The images for making this map were taken on 18 March 2020, the day Team X had to leave Laos early due to the CoViD-19 pandemic.

I would like to thank Ms Moukdala Keomixai for helping me create and caption this map – I cannot think of anyone I know who would know more about the LGTC than her.


Text, photos & implementation by M. Bilger

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