Letters from Germany – “My new life in Germany” by Outh Sinminah (LGTC)

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Hello! My name is Outh and I am 20 years old. Four years ago I already wrote an article for this blog, which was also published on New Year’s Eve. In  this article, I took a look into the future and described what my life would look like in ten years. My dream at that time was to start a vocational training program at BHS Corrugated in Germany – I have to say, this dream already got true within only three years!

I trained as a mechanic at Lao-German Technical College in Vientiane (Capital of Laos) for 3 years. When I finished my training in July 2020, I had the chance of further training as a machine and plant operator (German: “Maschinen- und Anlagenfuehrer”) at BHS Corrugated for two years in Germany. I planned to arrive in Germany in August 2020, but due to the Covid-pandemic and travel restrictions, I was only able to come in mid-October 2020. When I came here for the first time, I had a big problem with the language, even though I did a 6-month German course in my home country. Here Germany is almost 11 000 Kilometers from my home country and many things are different from my home country including food, weather, culture, lifestyle…

I am doing dual training here, That’s mean I have to go to work and school. In the workplace I work with new colleagues they are also very nice, they help me with the language. We learn some new things together, At lunchtime we go to the canteen to eat together. It is a lot of fun. At school it is exciting too, I meet a lot of people from all over the world, we exchange languages, cultures and stories with one another. After work or school I still go to a German course. I also meet a lot of foreigners there who leave home by various reasons, we learn German together with many accent. That is a the nice experience.

The whole day is going well, except in the evening. Because since I live alone here in Germany, sometime I feels homesick and sadly but I have to go on. I planed to have to fish my training here. I will work here, do a further training. Of course I will go back to my home country in some year to give the good experience and knowledge for the students in my home country.


Text & photos by O. Sinminah

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