New in 2024: “TheCameroonianExperience” starts with decolonial student-tandem work in “ASA Academia global format” project – application deadline 19.1.2024

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APPLY NOW for student-tandem project on “Decolonising (English) teacher education through bi-directional systems interaction

Application period for Cameroonian students: 27.11.-14.12.2023 (2 nominees, 2 substitutes)
Application period for German students: 1.12.2023 to 19.1.2024
Places: 2 each
Period of tandem-work: 15.4.-29.12.2024
Project description:
Details for German applicants:

Mentoring by Prof. Martin and Dr. Ekembe; Master theses can be written in the context of this project, and project results will be presented at our ALA conference “Language Awareness, Education, Power” (7.-10.7.2024).
#PHKarlsruhe & #UniversityofYaounde1 are currently also preparing a formal university cooperation.



To build on “TheLaosExperience” and my conclusions drawn from our work with/in/through Laos since 2015, I used the 3 online semesters during Covid-19 lockdown to look for new international partners who would show an affinity and interest in my bi-directional  decolonial approach to decolonising ourselves, our language, university structures, and knowledges production.

I found partners in Ukraine, Israel, Cameroon, and Ghana. Travels to Ukraine and Israel were out of the question last autumn, when I went on Sabbatical leave. The funds we acquired for a DAAD “Fact-Finding Mission” in Cameroon and Ghana, however, could be invested in a month’s work in those two places, at 3 host universities, from November to December 2022.

Next, our newly acquired  funds for “Decolonising (English) teacher education through bi-directional systems interaction” will now be invested in 2 German-Cameroonian student-tandems, who will cooperate in the F13 ASA-Academia (global format) programme administered by “Engagement Global”.

Our “ASA Academia Global Format” project runs from April to December 2024 and is fully funded for 4 students aged between 21 and 30, 2 German and 2 Cameroonian.
“TheCameroonianExperience” will thus add to “TheLaosExperience”, to be followed by “TheGhanaExperience”, “TheUkraineExperience”, and “TheIsraelExperience” hopefully before too long.

The structure on this blog will change accordingly. For the time being, the following X account will keep you updated and also show the history of this new development:

“ASA” is a programme organised by “Engagement Global”, the central contact agency in Germany for development policy initiatives funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and whose main goal is “to promote fair global coexistence”. “ASA” stands for “Arbeits- und Studienaufenthalte” (work and study stays [abroad]). ⁦

“Happy New Year” to all readers from Karlsruhe!

Turning a new page,
Isabel Martin

Text & photos by I. Martin

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