“There is a crack in everything…

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… that’s how the light gets in.”

It took Cohen a decade to finish his anthem (“Anthem” by Leonard Cohen; lyrics).

We will also need time and patience. And a lot of solidarity and mindfulness, many examples of which are shining rays of hope through our darker thoughts every new day.

PH Karlsruhe and SKU had to interrupt our Erasmus+ Mobility programme – and got an extension for another year. Our campuses closed – so we are working on teaching online classes.

BHS and PH Karlsruhe asked our German volunteers and doctoral candidate Rebecca to fly home from Vientiane and Savannakhet on 15 March. Mme Engel flew back to Germany one weekend later. Doctoral candidate Ms Miaoxing stayed safely in house quarantine in Wuhan since 16 January. My own quarantine ended yesterday. We can go back another time.

“Keep calm and carry on” is the British slogan used in the Second World War. We can use it again: Stay in touch, stay at home to flatten the curve – and meanwhile, we shall be getting new posts ready for you!

Be well,


Text & photo by I. Martin
Art work “Cracks” by M. Kuehnel (with his kind permission)

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