7th Lao-German Friendship Feast on 26 June 2022 in Karlsruhe!

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Dear friends, colleagues, blog authors, and tandem-partners,

We are happy to announce that this year we can celebrate our 7th Lao-German Friendship Feast again! We will do this with many of you and (y)our friends and guests on Sunday, 26 June, in the “Alte Hackerei” in Karlsruhe, a pretty cool punk-rock place that nonetheless promised white tablecloths, atmospheric lighting and – of course – a great sound system with a technician to operate it. There is also a stage we can use, and a bar.

We will start early this time, at 3 p.m., to allow those who have babies or travel long-distance to get home in good time, and we will finish around midnight with the late-comers. This lends itself naturally to an early and late shift with regard to the programme, and since there always was singing, performance, and dancing before on these occasions, we will do the programme in two instalments, from 4 or 5 to 6 p.m. and from 8 or 9 to 10 p.m.

What you need to do

As our Feast seems to become a rather large event this time (ca. 80+ of you indicated interest so far including 8-10 Lao partners), we need to get organised and kindly ask you to do the following if you want to participate:

  1. Write an email via StudIP (not Horde – the service for students is still down) to Siegfried.Hadatsch@stud.ph-karlsruhe.de to confirm your participation (verbindliche Anmeldung) by 21 June.
  2. Let him know how many family or friends you will bring along.
  3. Tell him which dish you will bring this time (for those who cannot prepare food: bringing some bread is fine; for those who travel: bringing yourself is more than enough!).
  4. Confide to him your tentative thoughts about possibly contributing some singing, instrumental performance, or dance calls. You can also bring dance music to be played from the system.

Thank you very much!


On the day of the Feast 

In the “Alte Hackerei”, we can use their grill but bring our own vegetables, cheese, fish, or meat to grill. We can also buy drinks at their bar.
Parents can bring outdoor toys because the children will have the space to  play and run around next to the beer garden area.
Please test yourselves before coming to the Feast. It is an outdoor event with lots of open space, but it looks like we are going to be many people.
There is a tram stop (Tullastraße) right by the little “Alter Schlachthof” street, also a parking lot behind the other, larger restaurant (Alter Schlachthof) on the other side of the street or on Messplatz.

If you have questions or any special needs, please write to Siegfried.Hadatsch@stud.ph-karlsruhe.de, who is in charge this time. Celine Victoria Seeger and Leya Hoenicke are supporting him, and after the “save the date” notification via WhatsApp I have sent out the official invitation by email now. If you would like to look at blog articles about previous Feasts, follow the link or type “Feast” into the search window.

Last, but not least: I am very happy to announce (at least) two special surprise guests! It will be exciting to have them here in our midst and… now of course you are curious, but I can say no more. You’ll have to come to get the surprise!

See you soon, we hope, and stay healthy!
Isabel Martin, Siegfried Hadatsch, Celine Victoria Seeger, Leya Hoenicke


Text: I. Martin
Invitation poster: L. Hoenicke
Pdf for download: 7th Lao German Friendship Feast Invitation (2)
Logo “TheLaosExperience” (new!): S. Bieger


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