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Workshop on 18 December 2017 – “Practising Pronunciation” and Lao-English interference

I invited all English teachers from Ban Pang Heng Secondary and Primary school as well as the science teachers Mr Sackbong and Mr Phit to join my workshop “Practicing Pronunciation” on the 18th of December 2017. I put the focus … Read more

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Hooray to picture books!

On Thursday, the 5th of January, 2017, we (Silja and Sara) met with the four primary school English teachers to do a workshop on picture books. We had decided to do this workshop because picture books are a great resource … Read more

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“My personal highlight and lowlight” by Jana Brecht

It is quite difficult to make out one special event which is supposed to be the best one as I had so many of them.

Nevertheless, there was one moment that I kept thinking about many times.

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Review: four ways of teaching

During our time at Sikeud Primary school, we implemented four ways of teaching. In this article, I share my personal review.

  1. Teaching pre-schoolers with Mister Mopsy:
    The pre-existing concepts of education and communication challenged us in working with the pre-schoolers.
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Mopsy and his friends

We, Franziska and Tobias, recently started working with English for Mopsy and me in the two preschool classes of Ban Sikeud. Mopsy is a program that requires a high amount of participation of each child. This is incompatible with class … Read more

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