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Busy hands, busy brains – Hands-on science lessons at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School

The best way to activate children’s brains is by having them move their hands. Conducting experiments in science lessons and experiencing things physically helps to gain a better understanding of materials and might avoid the potential gap between theory and … Read more

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This is Team V! 18 September 2017 – 15 February 2018

This is Team V!

Chosen by the project leader Johannes Zeck of the Angels for Children Foundation, Prof. Isabel Martin of the University of Education Karlsruhe, and the International Office of the university, to support pupils, students, and teachers in … Read more

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A workshop for the science teachers at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School

To begin our joint work in the science laboratory, we offered the workshop “How to produce material for science classes”.

A chapter on colour blindness, with pictures to diagnose it in black-and-white in the Lao science course book, was our … Read more

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Science lab activity time at Ban Phang Heng Secondary School

“WOW…!” This is an exclamation we often get to hear during our science lab activity time. The pupils who come and participate are amazed to see the wonders of natural science. Every Wednesday and Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. … Read more

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How I became an English teacher in Laos – Essays by Donekeo Keosiththivong and Souksakhone Sindavan

I would like to introduce my two outstanding English teacher students from Phan Heng Secondary School: Ms Donekeo Keosiththivong and Ms Souksakhone Sindavan. Both young women are gifted and highly motivated teachers who want to improve their English language skills. … Read more

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Workshop on 20 November 2016 – “Assessing and enriching teaching material”

It has been ten weeks now since we started to work at Ban Phang Heng Lower Secondary School. During our daily work we were confronted by course book-centred lessons in nearly every classroom. The “Authors’ Preface” to the (mandatory) Lao … Read more

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