6 May 2016: Start of new project phase

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Thanks to the exemplary work of everybody involved, our project has grown fast, both in scope and influence. Therefore, we have agreed to help develop two new fields of work as from September 2016 which are directly related to and co-funded by the Foundation and will influence future job & life prospects of our pupils.
1. The new physics/chemistry laboratory in Ban Phang Heng middle school
2. The Lao German Technical College (LGTC) in Vientiane
Due to this extension, we have increased the places for internships from 5 to 9. (Additionally, it may be possible to offer internship places at a private school in Vientiane, under somewhat different conditions.)

A good number of applications have been submitted, and we will post documents for new interns (orientation, information, check lists, official documents etc.) on our blog soon.The deadline for applications is 1 May.

Applicants please note that the date for the interviews for internships starting in September 2016 (Team III) had to be shifted to 6 May.
We look forward to getting to know you better soon!

Isabel Martin & Johannes Zeck


"Thanks for the flowers!"
“Thanks for the flowers!”

Text by I. Martin
Photo by T. Mayer

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