Since the project start in October 2015 several teachers finished the program on their own request, due to changing professional or private circumstances. Due to varying resources, also some groups of learners have been merged or needed to be suspended.


Lower secondary school Ban Phang Heng

In October 2017 Mr Souvanh Navong left the program, when he continued his studies at the National University of Laos. Due to new tasks in his profession, Mr Bounleud Sengsavangvong left the program on his own request.

Due to changing resources, the English learner groups at the lower secondary school in Ban Phang Hang were suspended. Some of the teachers still continue their studies in the newly formed groups for natural science teachers and for mathematics teachers.

Primary school Ban Sikeud

Due to their comprehensive workload, Ms Souphaphone Vongphachan, director of the primary school in ban Sikeud and Bouangeun “Linda” Hanthavong, assistant to the chairwoman of Angels for Children, stopped taking private English lessons as learners of English.

Primary school Ban Phang Heng

Due to a job offer in her hometown, Mrs Lathsamy Chanthavongsa left the primary school Ban Phang Heng, to work in the primary school of her hometown.


As of March 2018

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