Essay from Phovang “Noy” Inthavong

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“What were your expectations, hopes, and fears when you heard that five German volunteer teachers will come to your school?”

At the moment i´m my life is the best for me is so much, but I will talk a litle bid to you that is when I first see you in this school that make me to the heppiest, funiest. and for the worse is when you are going to back home that much. So sad for me and other teachers and students, too. and in my life I also need to improve my knowledge regarding to my knowledge is a little bid bad, and if I really can improve my English knowöedge that will be satify for me, I can use my English to talk and my work to facilitate all the concerning work, and luckily so far I have some good foreigner teachers to help us, too, and I need to get some scholarship to study foreign country., that while I use to hope to get much and much that I can communicate with them and get more knowledge from them, too, expecially I will get more knowledge to return back for improve myself, students and our country as well.

Text by P. Inthavong

Photo by T. Mayer

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