First cooperation between the University of Education Karlsruhe and Savannakhet University – meet our new partners! 2/3

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Boualiane Keophoxay

My name is Boualiane KEOPHOXAY, I was born on 04 September 1988, I am from Khammouane province, I graduated at STTC (Teacher Training College) as an English pedagogy, now I work at SKU (Savannakhet University) in Faculty of Linguistics and Humanities, I responsible for QA (Quality Assurance) it is quite work hard in working in the office and teaching in the same time. I think working at SKU (Savannakhet University) have more chances to develop myself because our university has cooperated or has MOU with many university and other organizations in the region and the world, especially cooperate to developing the education such as applying the scholarship to study the master and doctoral to upgrade our education and exchange the education and culture. So working with the higher education institute is to give chance and help social in education.

Sompasong Khemmarath

Hello, my name is Sompasong Khemmarath I have been working for SKU University as assistant of teaching and research ,my responsibility  is to  conduct field survey on reward house hold development , business promotion and international business in Laos PDR , I prepare course for teaching in  the Department of Rural economic development , the faculty of food science ,course I prepare is  World trade organization.

Phongsavang Xaikhonkham

Hello, Everyone (Sabaidee Thouk Khon) it’s the first time for me to writing a post; I’m very happy to introduce myself to you. My name is Phongsavang Xaikhonkham (Done).  I am 25 years old. I work in Department of English, Faculty of Linguistics and Humanities, Savannakhet University (Lao PDR). I come from Phineua Village, Outhoumphone District, Savannakhet Province.

Like we know the education is very important for everyone, who lives in urban and rural area.  I believe that the education can help us to have the new idea to solve all the problems that come in to our life, beside education help us to see the new world.

Presently, I am a volunteer an English Teacher in Savannakhet University for day shift, after SKU’ volunteer I am a receptionist for Aura Residence. I’m really love both job, because all of them provide me the good experience; like teaching and practicing my English speaking skill, however I would say like ‘Education is the key of life’.

Vannasinh Bouttathep

Good afternoon!…everyone. I am pleased to introduce myself, I’m Mr. Vannasinh Bouttathep, 28 years old, I am a bachelor degree holder with two majors: General English, and  Tourism Management, I now work at  General Affairs and Cooperation Office. In addition, I am also an academic staff and teach temporarily the General English Subject at Faculty of Business Administration.

I would like to kind introduce you to know about SKU background. SKU is Savannakhet University as an official name, and situated in the middle part of Laos. It is one of four public universities in Lao PDR. It was established on 12 October 2009. SKU has staff member of 449 people with 4,454 students in 7 faculties and IT center.

Thanousone Sangthongphet

Hello, I am Thanousone Sangthongphet and I am 26 years old. I am from Thakhek District Khammouane but now I live in Savannakhet Province. In my free time, I like to read a book, listen to the music, but sometimes watch football match on TV and cook for my family. I graduated in 2015 in the Faculty of Linguistics and Humanities at SKU and I am now working here. My working experience in SKU was to teach students. I taught General English for beginner classes and English for reading for elementary classes. My teaching methods were most of leading students to speak with playing games. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to work and teach here SKU.

Manysone Viphakone

Hi! My name is Manysone VIPHAKONE, I was born in July, 11th 1991 in the southern part of Laos in rural of the Khongxedon district, Salavan province, but now I live in Savannakhet province. I stay at the rental house with my sister and brother. I finished to study from the SKU, majoring in Tourism and hospitality management in faculty of Business Administration for the normal course and special course is General English, faculty of linguistic and humanities.

My topic I have chosen is working experience. After graduated in 2014, I applied to work in the Savannakhet Travel Company, I work as a guide and marketing assistant; I have work for 2 years. Then in January, 2016 I started working in SKU as a volunteer English teacher. The reason why I need to be an English teacher because I really like to work with students, and I’m very pleasure when I have class, I enjoy while I’m teaching, and my expectation is my students can speak English well and can use English for their further education or occupation in the future. My Facebook name is Pouy Manysone.

Chanthalakhone Souydalay

Hello! Everyone First of all, I would like to thank you for giving an opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Chanthalakone Souydalay. I am 27 years old and I’m a teacher for teaching English in Faculty of Linguistic and humanity. I am from Khongzedon District, SAravan province and I have ever been to live in Israel, Singapore and Hongkong. Currently I’m living in Naxeng Village, Kaisone City, Savannakhet Province. I have finished at Savannakhet University 4 years ago and I was a teacher in 2015. Besides that I have a part-time job such as referee in football stadium in everyday evening but I love a teacher more. I am a hard-working, creative and friendly with others people. I like reading Vientiane time newspaper, playing guitar, football and listening music when I have free time. I love an English teacher because I would like to motivate Lao students to become more international and I want to open my mind over the world. Facebook: Chathalakhone Souydalay

Pathana Inthaphouthone

Sa Bai Dee!!! My name’s Pathana INTHAPHOUTHONE. You can call me Nette. I have worked for Academic Affairs Office at SKU. Nowadays, SKU provides 44 programs with 37 for Bachelor normal programs, 4 of Bachelor continuing programs, 1 of International program and 2 of Masters. Also we run the learning-teaching process by credit system 3(1-2-3), but some faculties teach as module and the schedule is too full cause of the classroom. The best way to improve this point is to build new buildings.

Vilaphong Sitthideth

Hello (Sabaidee)! My name is Vilaphong Sitthideth, I am 27 years old. I am a teacher and I teach English at Savannakhet university. I have always loved explaining things and helping people. I also want to work with young people. Here there have always been the scholarship opportunities at SKU for both staffs and students if you are active and do prepare yourselves with some great information and related documents. Then, you will be one of the appropriate candidates to fulfill your goal. Recently, I have been participating the English course that holding by David Schrep and this is a great opportunity of mine to achieve my career and develop our community.

Phanthachith Vilaysack

God afternoon, I am Phanthachith Vilaysack. I’m from Navang village, Nongbok district, Khammuan province. I will talk about my first life in SKU, I come here as a volunteer teacher, the volunteer teachers do not have salary. First, I don’t know that I will survive until today because I don’t have salary but luckily I have gotten money from teaching. I have saved money for my life until here. I feel happy as a teacher because I like it. And one important thing as teacher, I often have to find new knowledge and some technique to teach students.

Text & photos by David Schrep & tandem-partners (part 3 to follow)

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