Letters from Germany – “First impressions” by Napha Khotphouthone (SKU)

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Hallo! My name is Napha Khothphouthone, 28 years old. I’m from Laos. Now I am in Karlsruhe, Germany on behalf of Exchange student between Karlsruhe University of Education and Savannakhet University. I have been in Karlsruhe since March 04, 2019 and I will be here until August 30, 2019.

This is my first time in Europe so everything here is new for me, of course there are a lot of impressions that I want to share such as: the weather is cold, but I like it I can walk in the long distance without any sweat. Transportation is very comfortable especially train that run out in every 5 or 10 minute so you don’t need to bring your car or motorcycle and you can easily to go anywhere with only the semester ticket. People here normally use bicycle you can forget about air pollution .

Karlsruhe is not too big and not too small, the architect is very beautiful and the city is very clean. Food is completely different from Laos but it is easy to eat, that means it is appropriate for me who really don’t like cooking. Moreover, I am very lucky that I arrived here in the Carneval day it is important for people here.

One week after arrival there was an official Reception at the PH Karlsruhe for all International Students:

I am very very very and very happy.


Text by N. Khotphouthone

Photos by N. Khotphouthone, J. Friedl, T. Binz & I. Martin

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