Letters from Laos – “Cooperation between BHS and LGTC” by Phonesavanh Chachueyang

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Editor’s note: Following Mr Phonesouk Inhtaxay’s post on his time in Germany in July and August 2017, his colleague Mr Phonsavanh Chachueyang from the Mechanical Department at the Lao-German Technical College also wrote down some of his impressions. Both received an eight-week training course in Weiherhammer. For four weeks the two received further in-service training in the UeBZO (Ueberbetriebliches Bildungs Zentrum in Ostbayern = inter-company education center in Eastern Bavaria; former subsidiary of BHS Corrugated), where they got to know the German dual training system, the training organization, the workshops, and the machinery.
During the other four weeks, they worked in the production facilities of BHS Corrugated and were involved in the assembly of machines that would be shipped around the world. They stayed near Weiherhammer and on weekends also had the chance to visit many different cities and towns in Bavaria, such as Munich, Regensburg, Straubing, Nueremberg, and Wuerzburg.


Mr Phonesavanh Chachueyang shares some impressions of his time in Germany:

Lao-German technical college (LGTC) has cooperated with BHS two years ago, the cooperation was for development human resources for staff of LGTC. At the moment BHS supports many things for development LGTC such as: equipment for learning, some English teacher for teaching and provides some training course in Germany for train to the teacher at LGTC.

I have joined the training course in Germany on July 2017, so I will let you know about my experience since I was in Germany for two months. I spent my time two months stay in Bavaria for training at BHS, I stay not so far from BHS it is about 3.5 km and I drive bicycle to BHS every day for the training. I really enjoy with my time in Germany very much because I attend my training course during the week and at weekend I have gone for traveling in each city.

BHS is a big company, since I have been there I trained in each department such as: quality control, assembly hall, produce management, welding hall, training canter… I have gotten a lot of knowledge and new technology from this training course, I saw many big machines I have never seen before and I interested with BHS very much.

I am looking forward to go to Germany again and look forward to see all of my friends in Germany.

Text & photos by P. Chachueyang

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