Letters from Laos – “My life in 10 years” by Mr Outh Sinminah

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Hello! My name is Outh and I’m sixteen years old.

I was born in Luangphanxay village, Xaysomboun district, Vientiane province. There are 5 people in my family. I have one older sister and one younger sister and my father and my mother and me. The first school I start to learn at Luangphanxay primary school. I moved to Sikeud in 2011 and learn in Sikeud Primary School and continue to Secondary School.

When I finish Secondary School the BHS project take 40 students to learn at Lao-German Technical College.

One of students is me, my intent is machanic in BHS company in Germany. Many people thought this is impossible. Mr Khamsing tell me who are the best student can go to work in Germany. this idea start when study at Sikeud secondary school. I met Mr John and he told me about Germany and about his job but I don’t understand. So one teacher translate it into Lao. I like this and I want that too. And then I decide to learn English. I decide to have an English extra class every evening in Thipasksone English center in Phangheng primary school when I was 12. So, now I study hard for my dream. Today I read the news in English and English books and I also have a English class at the LGTC. I like English because I can use English to my work.


If I work in BHS company I will work hard and make a lot of money for build a nice house for my parents when I come back to Laos and I will marry after I finish the house and I have achievement in my work.

In 10 years I am 26. I hope I will live alone in Germany in ten years because I want to be a machanic in Germany. In ten years I want to change my life. I like to work, I like to save a lot of money. I don’t like to go out at night.

If I live in Germany I will miss my family but I will come visit my family every years.

Text by O. Sinminah

Photos by R. Dengler & S. Uhlig

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