A memorable outing to Canterbury – Letters from England by Mittaphone Sichampa with photos by Isabel Martin

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On Friday, 4th August I went on a college trip to Canterbury. I walked with my professor Isabel Martin through the streets and we met two Turkish guys from the college who we didn’t know but they were very friendly. They walked with us as Prof. Martin explained about the history, literature and religion of Canterbury, Henry VIII and St. Thomas Becket (12th century), the Pilgrims’ Hospital and the Cathedral, also Sir Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury  Tales (14th century). Everything is close and you can walk everywhere.

At first we visited the Westgate Tower (ca. 1397) from which we had a great view over Canterbury. Somewhere in the tower we lost Noy. We had lost Donekeo on our way there.

Inside the Tower were many interesting things about the history of the city.

After that, we walked through the Gate which led us into the beautiful old town of Canterbury. I was really impressed by the houses which are really old. In one of them there’s a museum and a library.

Next, we went to visit Pilgrim’s hospital (Eastbridge Hospital of St Thomas the Martyr, 1176) in High Street in which a man told us something about the history of the hospital and spoke with prof. Martin about the pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales. He talked very much from which I didn’t understand everything, unfortunately.

After the man had finished his speech we walked through the streets to go to the great cathedral.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go inside, so we just looked at the Christ Church Gate, which was also really impressive.

Although half the Cathedral was closed for choir practice, my professor Isabel Martin went inside the Cathedral while I walked through the city to do some shopping. I met a good friend from Hilderstone who is from Korea and we spent a bit of time together.

We cannot say who was more impressed on this day – me or my professor. There was a lot to think about on our way home.

Text by M. Sichampa

Photos and captions by I. Martin

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