My host family in England – Letters from England by Donekeo Keositthivong

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I lived in Mrs Keen’house since 25thJune until 18th August 2017

My host family in Broadstairs








Karenkeen is a housekeeping manager at the University of Kent and she lives with her husband Andy,who is a painter and decorator. They have a son Robson who is studying at a local University and lives at homes.They don’t have any pets.They interests include:reading,TV,computer games,bird watching and sport.

Every they got up early about 06:30am they were kindness.They cooked dinner for me ,washed my clothes, they did everything look like their daughter.When we had dinner we took about everything in English.They would like to taught me know more English.When I have a trip on Saturday Mrs Keen she prepared a food for me. I love their food.The first time I quite didn’t like.

Sometime I helped her to cook dinner and help work house with her. I stayed with them 5 weeks and we had new student lived with us.He was Mark.He came from German.

Mark from Germany








I were very happy to know them I never thought before I live here and studied in Hildeston College.I wanna says:Thanks them for gave knowledge about people in England , tought me know about manner and everything I never forget.






I love them love England Thank a lot to read my atticle






Text and photos by D. Keositthivong

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