“My personal highlight” by Julia Bauer

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It is quite difficult to make out one special event or one special moment which is supposed to be the best one as I had so many of them. However, one of my favourite days was a normal school day. In our daily activity time, we always had a lot of fun. The kids were motivated and enthusiastic. Nevertheless, I hadn’t expected what was coming up. We always chose a different activity each day but repeated them now and then.
One day we wanted to repeat an activity from the week before. Normally, we said the first lines and the students repeated them. This time we decided to show the corresponding movements without saying a word. All of them started to say the rhyme without any help. We even stopped making the movements. It didn’t matter: they just went on in their enchanted way. Even though it was just one moment during a regular school day, it showed me that the project would work and it showed the Lao teachers who were present that learning through rhymes, games and communicative tasks would be successful.

Text by J. Bauer

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