Our experiences in Germany – by apprentices Ms Siliphone Arnousavanh and Mr Soksai Aphaiyalath

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Our experiences in Germany

Editor’s note: Within the Recruitment and Training Programme of BHS Corrugated with the Lao-German Technical College, the company invited five teachers of the school and also two apprentices to an eight-week training course in Weiherhammer in July and August 2018, with full expenses paid. For these seven people three different kinds of training courses were offered, to suit their occupational specializations: Electrical vocational training (Mr Bouthavy Siphonephath, Mr Lumphone Kounglavongsa, Ms Siliphone Arnousavanh), Mechanical vocational training (Mr Somphou Khamphila, Mr Soksai Aphaiyalath), and Administration of Dual Vocational Education and Training (Ms Moukdala Keomixai, Mr Saythong Insarn).
The technical training courses consisted of a total of four weeks’ training in the production and assembly facilities of BHS Corrugated and four weeks’ guided training in the ÜBZO (Überbetriebliches Bildungszentrum in Ostbayern gGmbH – Intercompany Training Center in Eastern Bavaria). The scope, level, and content of each training unit, of course, was customized to the participants’ needs, so there were different offers made to apprentices and teachers. The administrative training course was mainly conducted in the ÜBZO.

In this article, the first two Lao apprentices of BHS Corrugated to train in Germany, Ms Siliphone Arnousavanh (electrical) and Mr Soksai Aphaiyalath (mechanical) report on their experiences in Germany. Although Mr Soksai Aphaiyalath had already worked at a customer’s plant of BHS Corrugated in Khon Kaen (Thailand) for two months before, it still was – for both of them – the first time to travel that far and outside Asia. They were offered this training on the basis of their technical skills and general high performance levels at the LGTC, but also for their English communication skills and overall motivation. After the offer of going to Germany this year was made in March, both of them instantly said yes – a once-in-a-lifetime chance.


From July 01, to August 25, 2018 BHS invited us, MISS SILIPHONE ANOUSAVANH and MR SOKSAI APHAIYALART to come to Weiherhammer in Germany. We did a practical training.

On the first day, We went on a company tour with JOHN (Johannes Zeck). We work a lot at BHS, We rebuilt a wire model. We learned a lot about it. Our trainer explain about the machine, For Example: This machine what is working and that machine what is working. After that we went to UBZO training center and next day we learned in UBZO training center, when we learned in UBZO about three weeks. We had three examination.  It’ s very hard, because it is standard of Euro but we try to do the best according to standard. When we learned in UBZO everybody are friendly and help our  everything about the machine and read the drawing we thought. We lucky, if we learned in UBZO training center.

On a Monday we went to picnic with JOHN (Johannes Zeck), at the lake of WEIHERHAMMER.

We went to concert with Sonja Pruell in Weiden. The name of concert is “ 35th Annual Summer  Serenades In Weiden “  It’s happy day, we were ate something and drank something.

Every Wednesday we went to the market for buy something for made a food.

One evening, we went to visit MR CHRISTIAN ENGEL manager director of BHS corrugated. We had a BBQ.

Several times we were also invited for dinner by “Madame” Gerlinde Engel together with her neighbor Sieglinde “Oma Siegi” Sommer to her house in Floss.

When we went to Germany we will known about difference of culture, traditional and religion of each country are development.

THANK YOU UBZO Training and to BHS Company for the wonderful time.


Text & photos by S. Arnousavanh & S. Aphaiyalath

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