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Visit our Pageflow – a tool for multimedia storytelling which allows us to share our experiences in Laos with you “live”. Feel welcome to dip into our interactive reports and let us take you on this digital journey. When you click on it, the tool will tell you how many new pages we added since you last looked.

Team IV has arrived in Laos now and we have picked up and continued the great work the other teams achieved before. However, there are also some new areas which are being developed by our Team IV. Two new special tasks have come up. One of them is the further development of the Science Laboratory and the other task is the administration of Pageflow. Rebecca and I (Veronika) share these two new tasks. Other novelties are the “English Games Club”, where pupils are activated into speaking English in a playful way, and the “Computer Club” for Lao teachers – here we take the teachers up on their knowledge in using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, to expand their skills, which are sometimes limited.

The new software was developed by the West German Broadcasting Corporation “WDR“. Pageflow is a tool for multimedia storytelling which allows sharing reports or experiences through full screen image, video, audio, and text content. The storyline is in a permanent state of development, just like this blog, only more based on images and sounds rather than text. Pageflow is basically used by scrolling down through the full screen images and videos. Elements can be activated by clicking on them. The combination of multimedia invites the addressee immerse into a compelling interactive story.

Before our departure to Laos, for my preparation as Team IV Pageflow and media manager, I got an introduction by Mr Maximilian Richter, who is an academic employee for media and film production at the “ZIM” (Center of Information Technology and Media) of the University of Education Karlsruhe. I learnt how to use the software and a video camera, how to edit photos in Photoshop and videos in PremierePro. I am responsible for editing the media and publishing it online. My essential counterpart is Rebecca, who is blessed with the skills of a hobby photographer and has a watchful eye for amazing snapshots.

Our Pageflow gives Team IV the opportunity to share their daily experiences, extraordinary events, or simply things that appear interesting, curious, or new to us. You – our readers – are welcome to get to know parts of the Lao culture, life, and the work of the volunteers that is done on-site, through our eyes.

Source:                                              Link: You can access our Pageflow directly at the top of our blog (under “Blog/Pageflow“)

Text by V. Golla

Photos by R. Dengler

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