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Mr Souvanh Navong is one of my two Lao teacher-students. We have been working together for 9 weeks. In our “teacher lessons” we mainly work on pronunciation, listening, and writing. During our “tandem teacher lessons” we try out some new teaching techniques, games, and methods. Additionally to our joint work, we also spend our free time together, going out for a Beerlao or two, working together in his rice field, or we just meet and have a chat. We are not only teacher and teacher-student, but also became friends – I feel very lucky to work with him.

The following short essay was written by Souvanh himself. He writes about his daily life as a Lao teacher, his hopes, wishes, and dreams. To keep the text authentic, I did not do any editing on it.

Hello my name’s Souvanh navong  , I am a teacher  I teaching at Sekeud Secondary School for six years ,English subject , so that  I want to  teaching  with students ,because the students want to study English ,but I think all the student study finished at primary school want to come to study at this school ,but( they don’t know How to read and write? )  I think this way we must improving from primary school . before come to study at Secondary School.

Sine 2014  and 2015 I went to Germany the first time of my life ,I think all Germany people very kind , when I lived . I when to Germany by Anger for  children .i think never forget it ,I have been training English in Weiden  .i interesting for the student ,they can do homework by them self and  read the long story book,

If who come to be the director in this school I things  the director  should learning  along time  for coming to be a director  and   should have experience of working after  the director  must know English language because in this school so have many  English teacher’s come from Germany or foreigners  and is very important   for working to getter  or communication  we can get the knowledge

 On the future I am  want to be director ,because at this school so many English teacher from  Germany come to visit at this school ,if I am come to be director is Good for communication and working together ,  I will make new I dear for the students want to learning English.

After that I want to learning English more five year ,at university ,and lawyer, after finish ,than come to work at this school  .thank you very much for reading . I love what we do  but you know what I mean .

From  souvanhnavong


Text by S. Navong

Photos by D. Schrep & J. Zeck



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