Special Task Managers – Team II

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We continue the work at the schools started by Team I but also carry on their special tasks (see article β€œSix special task managers”).

As Julia, the pharmaceutical expert from Team I, did a great job of researching possibly necessary pharmaceuticals, our Team II could profit greatly from her work. Consequently, all we had to do was to check on our vaccinations and pack the recommended medicine.

Sandro’s task as the multimedia master was delegated to Isabella. Owing to his systematic work (and that of Prof. Martin, who had pre- and re-arranged a detailed filing system for this project), she finds it quite easy to continue organizing and saving all of the digital material.

Jana took over Franziska’s task as the head of the Lending Library. After the few weeks’ absence of Team I, there was some cleaning up and rearranging to do. At this point, all the new material (which we brought along) has finally been sorted and the Library has regained its orderly structure.

And then there is me, Jule. As you might have already noticed, I have the delightful task of continuing Tobi’s great work as the narrator and keeper of the blog, while Johannes and Prof. Martin continue the ground work of servicing, improving, and editing. Although the Internet in Laos sometimes makes it difficult for me to keep you up-to-date, I am pleased to announce that I will let you take part in our β€žlaosexperience(.com)β€œ with new reports shortly!


Text and photos by: J. Reissig

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