Call for Applications for students and graduates of ALL subjects (not only English): Team XI (spring/summer 2021)
This is also announced on the “English Department Bulletin Board” on StudIP. 4 places newly available!

Students enrolled at the University of Education Karlsruhe in one of the teaching degrees (PO 2011, PO 2015, PO 2018, all subjects) as well as our graduates and alumni can apply for an internship within the project “Bi-directional tandem-learning and teaching in Laos”. The planned stay for Team XI is now March to June 2021.
There is an official immigration protocol in place in Laos now, and flights are available again.

Team XI will do tandem-work in the subject of English.

Bachelor and Master theses can be written within this project. Research results are published on the blog in the “Language Education and Global Citizenship” series.

Students who have not yet taken any classes in didactics: please apply at a later stage in your studies when you have gained more experience in and knowledge about teaching. It is also helpful to have done the ISP, but you are similarly qualified if you gained significant teaching experience in other areas, e.g. as a sports coach for children or teacher of German for refugees.

To answer your questions and help you decide on your application, visit the weekly office hour of the International Office on StudIP/BBB or contact Prof. Martin.

Call for applications (PDF): 20201117_Ausschreibung_Volontariat_Team_XI_FrΓΌhjahr_2021

Application form for internship place (WORD): 20200408_Bewerbungsformular_AAA_Laos_Team_XI (the updated will follow shortly!?

Application form for funding (PROMOS): Promos_Gutachtenformular_2020 (submit to International Office by 7 December)

  • Deadline for applications: 15 December 2020 (send full application to Akademisches Auslandsamt [see document above]; please also send letter of motivation and CV to
  • Interviews: 18 December 2020
  • Notification about acceptance: before Xmas 2020
  • Insights from further volunteers: final reports (“AAA Abschlussbericht”) of former volunteers
  • Further details: check details for application for funding for a PROMOS grant, a travel grant by PH, and/or a DAAD internship grant (“Auslandspraktikum fΓΌr Lehramtsstudierende”) grants with the International Office

Our three current Lao partners cover your accommodation, VISA, and wifi. Most also provide lunches and bicycles. Everyone there helps with absolutely everything you need.
In order to cover the remaining cost of the flights, you can apply for a scholarship (“PROMOS Reisekostenzuschuss” or DAAD “Lehramt.International”). For more information please contact the International Office of PHKA.

Within this project, students can also earn credit points in the Bachelor and Master programmes.

If you want internship credit, you need to
a) visit Dr Wagner in his office hour and
b) submit the necessary forms before departure.

EuLA students can also earn credit for their 20 teaching/working weeks abroad (in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th semester).

Applicants please visit Prof. Martin’s seminar “Global English(es), Global TEFL & Global Citizenship Education” (Tuesday 12:00 online in StudIP/Big Blue Button) for first orientation in teaching internationally and interculturally. Registration is open. For current news on the internships, enrol in the “Laos Internships” group in StudIP.


Places in Vientiane:


For more general information on Laos visit the websites of the Auswaertiges Amt and the German Embassy in Vientiane.

Important note: Interns need to register for their stay in Laos within the Elefand System (Elektronische Erfassung von Deutschen im Ausland), as requested by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Details about our new partner:

Sunshine School
Private school (Vientiane) and kindergarten (village in the jungle) with focus on ecology and yoga/meditation
– 1 place as from March at the private pre-, primary and secondary Sunshine School, Vientiane, accommodation & vegetarian lunches covered – read the report of our 2 volunteers who taught there in 2016/17 and check out Sunshine school on Facebook

University of Savannakhet
PH cooperation with the SKU
: the “PH KA volunteer programme” is funded by SKU and runs for 5-10 months each year (Sept-Jan, Feb-July).

Requirement for applications: Previous experience as an intern in the “Teaching English in Laos” project or otherwise professional experience, e.g. 2. Staatsexamen. They are also interested in teachers who teach English AND German, as they are planning to instal a new German Department.
Two new places available as from September 2020.

National University of Laos
Prof. Martin has long-standing contacts with NUOL , which are now extended to the German Department. Dr. Bachor-Pfeff is planning to set up a programme for German in the autumn of 2020, along with a team of volunteers, much like Prof. Martin did with Team I in 2015/2016.

Xaysombath Technical College in Savannakhet (start September 2020): 2 places (in progress) for internships (tbc).


Prof. Dr. I. Martin (English Department) & J. Friedl (International Office)

28 November 2020

Photos & collage by S.M. Bilger (Team X)
Poster by F. Stober (Team VI)



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