“My expectations” by Bounleud Sengsavangvong

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“What were your expectations, hopes, and fears when you heard that five German volunteer teachers will come to your school?” My expect is very exciting and really happy to meet them because this time there are many Volunteers from Germany all oft hem are more experiance more teaching skill and best pronounciation for English language. Someone told me they were friendly and kindliness they will come to help me. How to use the teaching skill and join lesson. I felt afraid and exciting a little bit in the first then I thought this time it is a best chance for me again because I will be practice my English language with them I felt very happy and I want to say thanks very much for this project and thanks very much for verybodys to got this chance to and to Laos. I will to learn from them such as teaching skill, knowledge and pronounciation. I have to ask the question about English or when I find the problems in English I will to get the knowlegde from them. I will to share about the teaching skill with them or if I had somethings I am not sure in the lesson or I cun’t pronounciate the hard words in English I need to get the advice from them then I will get that advice to improve my English and I have to better than non after that I have to use the knowlegde to teach my childrens
and I hope the childrens in Laos they will be better for English later and the have to
comunication with foreigner by using English language.

Text by B. Sengsavangvong

Photo by A. Pola


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