“Why I wanted to become a teacher” by Bounleud Sengsavangvong

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(I choose the topic)(why do I want to be a teacher)
First of all when I finished studying at high school of NaXayThong district Vientiane
capital of Laos. Since 2003 I wented to continue at the University of Laos or college.
I went to examinate some sollege but I couldn’t pass the exam. I was very sad
because I didn’t know which way. I could study at the college or University of Laos. I
couldn’t find that way. How can I study at the college? I talked and sicussed with my
mum we talked a lot about my life I head headache while that time then I had to
wait to study at the college for a year. In 2005 I talked to my mum again about my
life in the future we must find out which job is best form e. My mother asked me do
you want tob e a teacher? I said to her…yes I do. Then my mother siad to me you
have to study at teachertraining college Tounakhom disctrict ViengChanh province.
Then my mum talked to her friend who worked at the same office with my mum he
knew that college more than my mum. After that they bought some forms form e.
Then I had to go tot he college fort he exam. I felt very happy and excited there
were many people to test at teacher training college but I couldn’t pass that exam
because I didn’t have English language basics before I felt so sad that time. I
thought a lot about my life in the future.

Then I discussed with my mother agin. How I could study that college. We talked
together about my life. After that we found away to learn at the college. We went to
a teacher. He taught at the teacher training college he helped me to learn at the
college I felt very happy when I heard that news. Then I choose English course I had
to study at the college for three years after that. I got the certificate from the teacher
training college Tounakhom district ViengChanh province in 2007. I felt very happy
that time because I finished studying while I was getting the certificate ceremony no
body of my family came to join that ceremony. I felt a little sad because there was
only me. After that I was a volunteer fort he first time at a secondary school for three
years and in the evening I had to teach at private school to practise my English.
Then I went tot he examination at the Vientiane capital of Laos. I went tot he exam
there three times. How tob e a teacher oft he goverment. Finally I was good luck in
the third times I could pass the exam from the goverment in 2009 and I could be a
teacher oft he government in 2009. I felt very happy more than anytimes.

(The end thanks for reading)

Text by B. Sengsavangvong

Photo by T. Mayer


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