“Expectation – The volunteer from Germany” from Done Keo Keositvong

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“What were your expectations, hopes, and fears when you heard that five German volunteer teachers will come to your school?”

For the German teacher come here to send the new technique, games, knowledge and another for Lao teacher. We were happiness with you knowledge to send to us. You made us to have development pronunciation, speaking, reading, listening for our. It is a good for our and every students at Sikeud Secondary school. Our students like to enjoy in the class for learn the lesson. We know sometime our students there were noise, but you never mind to teach, you are a good teacher for ous and students. You have endure for work to send the knowledge. We hope you have successfully with everything, have a good time. In the future we want to see you again. We are so lucky. Thank for you very much. We love you and neve forgot if for a long time we don’t forgot a good teacher.

Text by D. Keositvong

Photo by T. Mayer

Done Keo (on the left) with Prof. Dr. Isabel Martin and Johannes Zeck
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