“The teacher vunlunteer from Germany” from Bounpheng Singhalaht

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“What were your expectations, hopes, and fears when you heard that five German volunteer teachers will come to your school?” First of all teacher vunlunteer from Germany we felf very happy. Specially all the teacher English. For me because I learn with teacher foreigner. But, I think so about teacher Julia. She is teach for the both she send the knowledge and technique for Lao teacher and English teacher and she teach for me such as: pronunciation, read the stories and recomend the grammar and another. Also give our devilope and she is explain the difficult words for me and recomend. She is bring to the students play game in the freetime such as: sing a song, learn the words. Example: colour, but I think for hor. She is the kind and she has hospitable with everybody and she is very beautiful she is a good partner for me and her tell me when don’t understand my homework. She gave the recommend for me. However I will try to practise everyday. I’m sorry I can here for here. She like Lao food but she don’t like spicy. Firnally, however it I was good luck the teacher vunlunteer from Germany come to visit Sikeud Secondary School especially Julia. She is teach for me and Donekeo

Thank you so much.

If we make something with you to unhappy we will say with very sorry.

(Thank you for reading)

Text by B. Singhalaht

Photo by T. Mayer
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