My host family – Letters from England by Phovang “Noy” Inthavong

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I should say thank you very much again for get me stay in house. I was very  happy wben I be came to stay with they . My host me called’s Om ,she is a chef every day in the evening at 5:00 o’clock pm she went to work and morning anther work ,she work Monday to Saturday ,she is friendly and a good kind ,her husband his name’s Mark ,he is a priters every things good thesame his wife. They have a daughter now she has 16 years old she is very pretty and friendly . When I stay with they I was practice speak English and they told me about culfure ,what I can do or I an’t do .

We were spoke togetber every days ,and take care me very well each foods washed and laundry everything to me . If we had time we went to the shops and drunk tea, coffee together to relax .

Some last weekend we cooked lunch together and invited my friends me came to enoy together she cooked very good  . They gave to me a warmly for two months that at house and I felt home immediately,
I will miss they and I’ll also take these precious memories with me to Laos thank you again for everthning they’ve done  for me I like all the cooking and so much more they are very good host family I really like they hlep me and gave co-operation to me very well
Text by Phovang “Noy” Inthavong
Photos by P. Inthavong & M. Sichampa
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