Farewell to Hilderstone College – an interview & letter from England by Mittaphone Sichampa

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18th,August 2017 it was last day for me and for our team to studied at Hilderstone Collage. It was happy day and sad day for me. Happy day is I’m going back to my country to meet family and friends. Sad day is I’m going to leave from Hilderstone Collage. I really miss friends, they are very kind and friendly. Right now i have many friends here. They are from different country such as: Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Japan, Chaina, France, Italy And Germany.These are my class mate  picture. We took together thats day i left.

And also teachers at Hilderstone collage they are very nice, kindly and friendly with us. So, I would like to say thank you very much for everything thats you tought and helpped me. I though my  English was improve and be better right now but it was sad because it’s time to leave, it’s to shrot time to study here.

These are pictures we took with principal and he also interview me and Noy about ourself.

Then he asks us some question such as:
1/ what do you most like about Broadstairs and England?
2/ What is the best way to improve your English?
3/ Why did you decide to come England?
4/ What do you think about Broadstairs and England?
5/ What have you learned about England?
6/ What do you do in your country?
7/ Have you made friends from other country?
8/ What would you say to a student coming from your country to Hilderstone?

Thats all question he asks me and Noy. Now you think what we answer!? Imagine first and then read our answer.

Our answer:

1/ the most thing i like in Broadstairs is walk a long the beach
2/ The best way to improve my English is speaking English with friends and host family
3/ Because I want to improve my English
4/ I think Broadstairs is clean, beautiful town also houses are lovely and safety town. But England is big country, a lot of people and dangerous.
5/ I have learnt about they life, food and culture.
6/ I am primary school teacher.
7/ Yes, I have make friends from other country such as: Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Japan, China, Germany…
8/ I would like to say to other student who will come to Hilderstone such as: Hilderstone Collage is very good teaches are very nice and friendly. Also Course Programme very interesting because they have different activity to do.

If, the next time is longer than this time it would will be good but i very happy and pround to study here. If, i have an opprotunity again I would like to come back to study here again. Thats my hope.

Text & photos by M. Sichampa

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