From England back to Laos via Karlsruhe – Letters from England by Donekeo Keositthivong & Souvanh Navong

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Letter from Donekeo
On Friday 18th August 2017  I flew from England to Germany in the afternoon around 14:10 pm.
The first thing I arrived  I saw my friend Annika and David they pick us to the bus station in to their flat. I went with Annika,Souvun went with David , Noy and Mit went with Christiane who was a teacher in the Lao Tachnic College.
I stayed with Annika.She took care me everything . She cooked sticky rice for me , it the best dinner. The next day in the morning we went to the zoo with the new volunteers teachers who will coming to Lao in September.

We walked around the zoo. I saw many animals.

About 14:15 we went to the restaurant to have lunch together with all my friends in Germany.

Then Isabel Martin showed us the shop with Asian food and French perfume. It’s nice perfume she brings to Lao for us. We got the smallest bottle,it was the last one, and Annika got small present bottles for us.

Then we went to the hill restaurant.It was so high I stand on the hill and saw the beautiful  and I saw Caschle City

about 20:00 we came home.

On Sunday 20th August 2017 we came back to Lao me , Mit ,Noy and Souvunh. We flew around 11 hour between Frankfurt to Thailand.

We arrived 07:00am,then we waited around 13:00 We flew to Lao.

 Thanks for read my atticle.
  Good bye
Text by Donekeo Keositthivong
Letter from Souvanh
The last day I come to visit Germany all the team I went to the zoo with the teacher volunteers from university of education I feel very happy we take many photos together and talk about animals than talking about London.

I have been to studying at Hilderstone colleges about two months .We walked around the zoo than I saw many animals I interesting because some animals I never saw before the first time in my life I think in lao countries no have Is special for me teacher David is good for take care me I hope in my life I never forget .because pick up me at bus station than go back home cooking for me David is very kind of person .Than we spoke English .

After the zoo we went to the city walks around shopping .I just bought one bag to give my small girl. We have lunch together with old team and new team .

I think if I have changed I want to improve my teaching English in Germany for two years. Because to teaching in my school.

Thank for you take care of lao teachers I am very happy come to visit Germany and London I saw your office.
Text by Souvanh Navong
 Photos by M. Sichampa, D. Keositthivong, P. Inthavong, P. Kern, I. Martin
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