Traveling from Vientiane to Broadstairs and back – Letters from England by Souvanh Navong

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The London airport. Frankfurt airport , Bangkok airport.

I have been to studying at the Hilderstone colleges for two months .I started from Monday to Friday about listening, speaking, reading and writing. Every morning I get up early .because I do my home work. I feel very happy when to study English and one more time become to a student I want to improve my teaching English so that I have got knowledge many teachers from at Hilderstone the college.
The last month .I get up early in the morning .I have to study in the morning. Than I take many photos from the teacher and sai good bye. From the Hilderstone colleges. After class come to London airport. I am very excited about checking my bag .when I arrive at the airport I don’t know where I go in ? They need the passport. The plan ticket .but know have people work. because I want to scan my bag .I want to know. How many kg? after that I am going to by train about ten minutes than boarding time from London to Frankfurt. I think not easy very exciting the first time came to London in my life. I think very big airport

Frankfurt airport to Bangkok airport the importance to information. I looking all the time .Now Frankfurt to Bangkok 10:25am going to the number b :61 after that I waiting along Time .until the end they said Frankfurt airport to Bangkok change now you going to number c:45.the time checking make me unhappy and I don’t know how to go by train and bus. I think just go by plane but travelling by bus .by train no have time for eating .

When I arrive Bangkok airport the same time. Make me unhappy again stop plan I am going to the terminal for I migration . I go by bus again. I waited a long time .Bangkok airport to lao airport I in the morning until evening. I am very boring about everything in the airport
The first. Time
The second. Number
The third . bus
The four. Train.
The last thing. I think very important for travelling .Every one must to or can speak English. If I don’t know how to speak English .I think staying in London airport. because London airport is biggest than Bangkok airport
Bangkok airport is bigger than lao airport.

Back in Lao now. The new school year is starting.

Text & photos by S. Navong

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